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Student Government

The Student Government consists of individual faculty bodies, called Faculty Student Government Councils, and the highest authority, which is the University Student Government Council.

The government is formed by all Students of the University of Agriculture, while the University Student Government Council is their voice and representative during talks with the university and city authorities. Thus, it influences the Students’ position and the policy to be pursued by the authorities towards them. It operates independently of the university authorities, all social, political, and professional organizations, as well as administration bodies.

The University Student Government Council of the University of Agriculture operates on diverse levels. It creates the cultural life of the student community and engages in charity events such as the Nobel Gift (Szlachetna Paczka) or the SOS for Animals Action. However, Students do not live by science alone. The Student Government also participates in the organization of annual university events, such as the Hazing (Otrzęsiny), or Beanball, the Inter-Faculty Artistic Tournament, and Juwenalia (an annual higher education students' holiday). It also assists in organizing the elections of the Nicest Female Student and the Nicest Male Student of Krakow.

Between everyday duties at the university, it is also worth finding a moment to actively participate in the Student Government. It is an opportunity for development, to extend knowledge, acquire organizational skills, and develop many features and behaviours you will undoubtedly use in the future. It would be good to remember that the Student Government is created by people, and it is among these people in the Student Government that friendships are established for many years.

Headquarters of the University Student Government Council: al. Adama Mickiewicza 21, building of the Faculty of Agriculture and Economics, room 39.



There are four reading rooms in the Library of the University of Agriculture in Krakow: one in the Main Library and the other three in separate buildings of the following faculties: the Faculty of Forestry, the Faculty of Biotechnology and Horticulture, and the Faculty of Food Technology

  1. Main Reading Room
    University of Agriculture
    Main Library
    Department for Sharing Collections
    Main Reading Room
    Al. Mickiewicza 24/28, 30-059 Kraków
    phone: +48 12 662 40 31
  2. Reading Room at the Faculty of Forestry
    University of Agriculture
    Main Library
    Department for Sharing Collections
    Reading Room – Faculty of Forestry
    Al. 29 Listopada 46, 31-425 Kraków
    Bożena Binczycka
    phone: +48 12 662 51 71
  3. Reading Room at the Faculty of Biotechnology and Horticulture
    University of Agriculture
    Main Library
    Department for Sharing Collections
    Reading Room – Faculty of Biotechnology and Horticulture
    Al. 29 Listopada 54, room 11, 31-425 Kraków
    Krystyna Pobereżnik
    phone: +48 12 662 52 75
  4. Reading Room at the Faculty of Food Technology
    University of Agriculture
    Main Library
    Department for Sharing Collections
    Reading Room – Faculty of Food Technology
    ul. Balicka 122, 31-149 Kraków
    Marta Mazela, MSc, Eng.
    phone: +48 12 662 47 76



Lending Library

Jubilee Building, al. Mickiewicza 24/28, low ground floor, room -023
The terms and conditions of using the lending library are specified in the Lending Library Regulations

University of Agriculture
Main Library
Department for Sharing Collections - Lending Library 
Al. Mickiewicza 24/28, 30-059 Kraków
phone: +48 12 662 40 51
Kamila Kiszka, MA

PERLEGO - a new database of online books available in our library

In mid-October 2022, annual access to approx. 904,000 foreign-language academic and professional books offered by subscription on the PERLEGO portal was launched. 

The database is accessed using a link placed on our website: E-recourses- subscribed databases

To get access, you should:

  1. Visit the Main Library in person (Main Reading Room, room 118) and complete a form for Remote Access Passwords or send it by email to the following address:
  2. Read the ACCESS REGULATIONS (Appendix).
  3. Read the instructions for creating/activating a PERLEGO account and subscription (Appendix) - please remember to use an address at the  or domain.

Be our guest!



Research Circles


Inter-Faculty Student Research Circle of the University of Agriculture     
Circle Tutor: Piotr Kacorzyk, PhD. Eng., Professor of the University of Agriculture in Krakow, email:
The circle comprises students from the Faculties of Agriculture and Economics, Forestry, Animal Breeding and Biology, Environmental Engineering and Land Surveying, Biotechnology and Horticulture, and the University Veterinary Medicine Centre UJ-UR.


Faculty of Agriculture and Economics

1.       Research Circle of Farmers
Circle Tutor: Dorota Gala-Czekaj, PhD. Eng., email:

·         Environmental Chemistry Section

·         Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy Section

·         Plant Physiology and Biochemistry Section

·         Plant Genetics Section

·         Grassland Science Section

·         Nature Conservation Section

·         Agricultural Environment Protection Section

·         Plant Production Section

2.       Research Circle of Economists

Circle Tutor: Barbara Kiełbasa, PhD, email:

·         Section of Rural Areas Photographic Documentation

·         Agricultural Economics Section

·         Entrepreneurship Laboratory Section


Faculty of Forestry:

Research Circle of Foresters

Circle Tutor: Prof. Ewa Błońska, PhD. Eng., email:

·         Biometrics Section

·         Forest Biodiversity Section

·         Forest Botany and Nature Conservation Section

·         Photographic Documentation Section

·         Dendrochronology Section

·         Forest Education Section

·         Forest Ecology Section

·         Forest Entomology Section

·         Forest Phytopathology and Mycology Section

·         Geomatics Section

·         Pedology and Forest Habitat Science Section

·         Hydrology Section

·         Venery Section

·         Ornithology Section

·         Forest Use Section


Faculty of Animal Breeding and Biology

1.       Research Circle of Zootechnicians and Animal Bioengineers
Circle Tutor: Jarosław Kański, PhD. Eng., Professor of the University of Agriculture in Krakow, email:

·         Animal Biology and Ecology Section

·         Animal Genetics and Bioengineering Section

·         Livestock Breeding and Welfare Section

·         Companion and Exotic Animal Breeding Section

·         Animal Reproduction Section


2.       Inter-Faculty Research Circle of Cytogeneticists
Circle Tutor: Barbara Kij-Mitka, PhD. Eng., email:

Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Land Surveying:

Environmental Engineering Major:


1.       Environmental Engineering Research Circle
Circle Tutor: Tomasz Stachura, PhD. Eng., email:

·         Hydrology and Water Management Section

·         Environmental Development Section

·         Land Reclamation Section

·         Rivers and River Valleys Renaturalisation Section

·         Watermains and Sewerage Section


Land Surveying and Cartography Major


2.       Research Circle of Land Surveyors
Circle Tutor: Przemysław Klapa, PhD. Eng., Professor of the University of Agriculture in Krakow, email:

·         Photogrammetry Section

·         Special Geodetic Measurements Section


Spatial Planning Major

“Locus” Spatial Planning Research Circle

Circle Tutor: Barbara Czesak, PhD. Eng., email:


Hydroengineering and Water Management Major

“Meander” Hydroengineering and Water Management Research Circle

Circle Tutor: Jacek Florek, PhD. Eng., email:

·         Fluvial Geomorphology Section

Landscaping Major

Landscaping Research Circle

Circle Tutor: Michał Uruszczak, PhD. Eng., Architect, email:


Faculty of Biotechnology and Horticulture:

1.       Research Circle of Gardeners

Circle Tutor: Wojciech Makowski, MSc. Eng., email:

·         Botany and Ecology Section

·         Ecological Biochemistry Section

·         Dendrology and Landscaping Section

·         Plant Physiology Section

·         Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms Section

·         Plant Protection Section

·         Horticulture and Viticulture Section

·         Fine Arts Section

·         Market Gardening Section

·         Plant Nutrition Section

·         Medicinal Plants Section

·         Ornamental Plants Section


2.       “Helisa” Research Circle of Biotechnologists

Circle Tutor: Alina Wiszniewska, PhD. Eng., Professor of the University of Agriculture in Krakow, email:

·         Molecular Plant Biology Section

·         Animal Biotechnology Section

·         Food Biotechnology Section

·         Environmental Biotechnology Section

·         Botany and Plant Physiology Section

·         Genomics Section

·         Microbiology Section

·         Virology Section


Faculty of Production and Power Engineering:

Production and Power Engineering Research Circle

Circle Tutor: Marek Gancarz, PhD. Eng., Professor of the University of Agriculture in Krakow, email:


·         Agrophysics Section

·         Machinery Operation and Ergonomics Section

·         Food Industry Raw Materials Section

·         Mechatronics Section

·         Renewable Energy Sources and Waste Management Section

·         Biofuels Section

·         Energy Efficiency Section

·         Production Management Section

·         Infrastructure and Logistics Section

·         Information Technology Section


Faculty of Food Technology:

Research Circle of Food Technologists


Circle Tutor: Gohar Khachatryan, PhD. Eng., Professor of the University of Agriculture in Krakow, email:


·         Food Quality Analysis and Assessment Section

·         Carbohydrate Technology Section

·         Grain Processing Section

·         Phytochemistry Section

·         “Promil” Fermentation Technology Section

·         Bioprocesses and Biopreparations Section

·         Health-Promoting Food Section

·         Food Microbiology Section

·         Fruit and Vegetable Processing Section

·         Human Nutrition and Dietetics Section

·         Water in Food Section

·         Nanomaterials Section 

·         How It is Made - Food Lab Section


University Centre of Veterinary Medicine:

Research Circle of Veterinary Medics

Circle Tutor: Izabela Siemińska, Veterinarian, email:


·         Anatomy Section

·         Surgery and Radiology Section

·         Clinical and Laboratory Diagnostics Section

·         Microbiology Section

·         Equine Veterinary Section

·         Immunology Section

·         Animal Toxicology Practical Section




Sports Offer

The Department of Physical Education is an inter-faculty unit that creates sports development opportunities for all students at our University. Out of concern for keeping the young generation fit and physically active, the Department of Physical Education has prepared an attractive educational offer of physical education classes and faculties, as well as tourist and recreational trips. For students who would like to continue their sports careers in sections of the Academic Sports Association, we provide an opportunity for regular participation in sports competitions within the framework of the Małopolska Academic League and the Polish Championships of Universities.




Women's weight room - Campus at the Faculty of Forestry - al. 29 Listopada 46
Men's weight room - Faculty of Forestry - al. 29 Listopada 45Sports Hall - Al. 29 Listopada 58
Fitness Room - Al. 29 Listopada 58

The educational offer is adapted to the interests and hobbies of the academic youth. Students can choose the type and date of physical education classes.


  • profiled volleyball, basketball, and handball classes,
  • general development physical education classes involving team sports, athletics, and recreational games and plays.

Swimming pool:

  • learning and improving swimming strokes.

Women's and men's weight rooms:

  • general development strength exercises.

Fitness and ballroom dancing:

  • learning ballroom dancing,
  • general development exercises with music.

Bicycle trips:

  • weekend cycling trips along the most interesting trails around Krakow.


  • learning and improving the skiing technique (weekend trips),
  • Nordic walking and field athletics.

Currently operating sections of the Academic Sports Association:

  • women's basketball,
  • men's basketball,
  • women's volleyball,
  • men's volleyball,
  • men's football,
  • men's handball,
  • athletics and field athletics,
  • women's and men's table tennis,
  • skiing and snowboarding,
  • swimming,
  • powerlifting,
  • cheerleading.

We also provide an opportunity for students to compete in tennis, judo, mountain biking, rock climbing, and badminton competitions.


The Department of Physical Education and the University Club of the Academic Sports Association at the University of Agriculture also organize sports competitions and tournaments aimed at promoting a healthy and active lifestyle and integrating the academic community.

Students who achieve significant sports results may apply for a sports scholarship.



Cultural Offer


1.       Buda Club

address: ul. Jabłonowskich 10-12, 31-114 Kraków
phone: (12) 422 10 88, (12) 662 51 83
Entrance from ul. Czapskich

2.       Arka Academic Club

address: ul. Zenona Klemensiewicza 3, 31-482 Kraków
phone: 660 511 395

3.       “Hagard” Hunting Signallers Band

The "Hagard" Hunting Signallers Band began its activity in 2001 as the “Section of Hunting Ethics, Tradition and Customs" of the Research Circle of Foresters at the Faculty of Forestry; since 2010, it has been an integral part of the Student Culture Centre of the University of Agriculture in Krakow.

The band brings together musically gifted students, mainly from the Faculty of Forestry, from various years of studies, who, under the tutelage of a qualified musician, improve their skills and cultivate hunting traditions by playing signals and hunting music not only in the academic environment but also in the community of hunters and foresters.

address: Al. 29 Listopada 46, 31-425 Kraków
Band Manager: Gabriel Chlebowski, phone 661 853 937
Deputy Manager: Jan Polaczek, phone 513 668 830

4.       “Skalni” Highlander Folk Ensemble

address: Al. 29 Listopada 50, 31-425 Kraków
phone: (12) 662 51 78

5.       Choir of the University of Agriculture

address: Al. 29 Listopada 52, 31-425 Krakow

6.       Polish Red Cross Academic Circle and Blood Donors’ Club

The Polish Red Cross Academic Circle and Blood Donors’ Club promote the ideas of the Polish Red Cross and spread knowledge about its activities. Thanks to the Circle’s activity, the following events are regularly organized: the Campaign for Registration of Potential Bone Marrow Donors and the Blood Donation Campaign (4 times a year). In addition, an essential part of the organization’s operation is gaining knowledge about first aid. Meetings are of not only informative but also task-oriented nature. Training is conducted by qualified rescuers; moreover, it is provided with the use of specialised practical equipment, making it possible to discuss the issues in a precise manner. Members of the Circle also organize simulations of accidents and unusual incidents to show how to stay calm in a crisis situation.

Wojciech Suchecki
Coordinator for PCK, HDK, and DKMS
phone: +48 609 305 890

7.       “Agricola” Male Choir

Marek Solarz
Phone: +48 512 662 146

“Agricola” Male Choir of the Krakow Academic Community

Al. 29 Listopada 50, 31-425 Kraków




International Exchange

address: Al. Mickiewicza 21, 30-120 Kraków, 1st floor, room 116
Office hours: Monday-Friday from 8 am to 2.30 pm 

Dominika Dankiewicz
Phone +48 12 662 42 60

The primary tasks of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office include the following:

1.  in the area of institutional cooperation:

  • initiating agreements on international cooperation, excluding agreements on economic and scientific cooperation;
  • maintaining regular contact with diplomatic missions of countries in the University’s area of interest;
  • cooperating with basic units in developing an educational offer for foreign students;
  • cooperating with companies providing recruitment services to obtain candidates for studies;
  • handling foreign academic mobility programmes;

 2.       in the area of foreigners’ education and educational exchange:

  • keeping documentation of educational programmes and courses conducted in English;
  • promoting and providing foreign candidates with information about the current educational offer and recruitment rules;
  • preparing and coordinating the recruitment process of foreign students and doctoral students;
  • keeping documentation and submitting reports on the education of foreign students and doctoral students to the Vice-Rector for International Cooperation and Exchange for content approval;
  • preparing and organizing stay of and providing administration services to foreign student groups;
  • coordaining foreign trips of the University's employees for educational purposes;
  • carrying out activities aimed at greater integration of foreign students.




Academic Business Incubator

The Academic Business Incubator of the University of Agriculture in Krakow has been established for young, active, and enterprising people who want to start their own businesses.

Our goal is to help you start your professional activity, in particular, your own business

Director of the Academic Business Incubator - Tomasz Stachura, PhD. Eng.
Career Counsellor - Anna Augustyn-Mitkowska, MA
address: ul. Czysta 21, 31-121 Kraków
room 119
phone: 12 662 43 32



Material Aid


1.       Grants and scholarships:
Maintenance grant
Scholarship for people with disabilities
Chancellor's scholarship
Minister's scholarship
Scholarship Fund

2.       Student loans

3.       Health care

4.       Halls of residence


University of Agriculture in Krakow - Material Aid Office (


Material Aid Office 
University of Agriculture in Krakow
Al. Mickiewicza 21, 31-120 Kraków


Office Head: Piotr Gibas, MA, phone 12 662 4276, email:

matters concerning material aid:




Psychological Assistance

Free psychological advice and consultations in the case where:

  • you need help to deal with personal problems
  • you have emotional or relationship problems
  • you have a problem with self-acceptance or motivation to act
  • you have learning difficulties
  • you find it challenging to adapt to your new environment
  • you need assistance in the development of your personality
  • you want to learn how to build satisfying interpersonal relationships

Registration for consultations at 12 662 42 94

University of Agriculture in Krakow - Psychological Assistance for students (


Kinga Zych, MA
Al. Mickiewicza 21, 31-120 Kraków
room 21A



Office for People with Disabilities

The University provides people with special needs, including people with disabilities, with conditions that enable them to participate fully in the life of the University and the academic community, including during the recruitment, education, research, participation in cultural and sports events, and employment.
The Office for People with Disabilities (BON URK) coordinates the implementation of the said tasks at the University and supports the University's units in ensuring accessibility for people with special needs due to their health, including people with disabilities.

University of Agriculture in Krakow - Office for People with Disabilities (

Office for People with Disabilities
31-120 Kraków, Aal. Mickiewicza 21

Paulina Synowiec
31-120 Kraków, Aal. Mickiewicza 21

Sławomir Szarek, MA
Al. Mickiewicza 21, 30-120 Kraków
room 31
phone: 12 662 43 95

Send a message: University of Agriculture in Krakow - Office for People with Disabilities - contact (


Academic Career Office

Tasks of the Career and Practical Training Office include, in particular, helping students and graduates of the University in finding employment through, for example:

  • providing career counselling
  • keeping a database of students and graduates looking for their first job
  • establishing and maintaining contacts with employers through collecting information about companies, obtaining job offers, and organizing job fairs and company presentations at the University
  • conducting information activities related to improving and expanding professional qualifications, in particular, by running a bank of information on internships, apprenticeships, domestic and foreign scholarships, postgraduate studies, courses, training, workshops, and the like.

The Office is responsible for organizing domestic and foreign apprenticeships and internships through:

  1. coordinating the faculties’ activities related to developing internship and apprenticeship plans and programmes,
  2. concluding contracts related to the implementation of domestic internships and apprenticeships and preparing contracts for foreign internships and apprenticeships,
  3. developing plans for and reporting on internships and apprenticeships.

The Office is responsible for monitoring the professional careers of the University's graduates to adjust the fields of study and study programmes to the needs of the labour market.

Academic Career Office


e-Learning Centre – CeL URK

The e-Learning Centre provides the academic community with an opportunity to use the platform to create and share e-laboratories and lectures in the on-demand system. The e-laboratory environment is personalised for each student, with access without a time limit. The e-learning Centre has a professionally equipped recording studio and a VRLab workroom.


The VRLab workroom is equipped with modern virtual reality equipment. Virtual reality solutions allow users to interact with digital objects. Using goggles, controllers, and motion capture sets, the user can move around a generated 3D world.


Our students, within the framework of their educational programmes, have an opportunity to take classes with the use of simulation mobile games.

CloudLabs On Demand tool

On Demand is a tool for collecting learning resources and tracking the progress of their assimilation by the student. This is a place where the University can provide paid or free-of-charge lectures, interesting presentations, and records of other events. Lectures or classes in the on-demand form can be heard or taken by the students at any time and in a very favourable form, without compromises compared to classic lectures. The students receive access to video lectures and virtual laboratories. Moreover, the system allows one to create tests, generate certificates of completion, and track the student’s progress in watching lectures.

e-Learning Centre
University of Agriculture in Krakow
Al. 29 Listopada 46, 31-425 Kraków
phone: +48 12 662 52 53

More details are available at the following link: e-Learning Centre - University of Agriculture in Krakow


IT Systems




The University Study-Oriented System (USOS) results from cooperation between the largest Polish universities. The system was created as a result of the need for a comprehensive IT tool for managing university studies.

The primary applications of the USOS include, among other things:


  • recruitment for studies and matriculation,
  • Electronic Student ID Cards (printing, extending validity, and the like),
  • preparation of the educational offer (subjects, classes, groups, dates, teachers),
  • management of the course of studies (study programmes of all types and degrees, enrolment for classes, grade reports, credits, etc.),
  • student applications,
  • diploma theses and exams, electronic archiving of diploma theses,
  • grants and scholarships,
  • halls of residence
  • payments for educational services,
  • support for the Bologna Process,
  • student apprenticeships,
  • surveys,
  • reporting,
  • employee issues (full-time and part-time employment, workload accounts, and the like),
  • Career Office,
  • university archive.

In cooperation with the University Study-Oriented System, several websites dedicated to the entire university community are developed, thanks to which the resources of the centralised IT system can be used not only by administration employees.

USOSweb - an online equivalent of the USOS for students and academic teachers, which allows them to settle matters related to the course of studies remotely (

APD /Archive of Diploma Theses/ - the website acts as a catalogue and repository of electronic versions of diploma, engineering, master’s, and doctoral theses and dissertations created at the University.

SRS /Room Booking System/ - a service used to book rooms at the University. It enables the effective management of the use of all teaching rooms at a given university, as well as the costs related to their rental.

UL /University Foreign Language Courses/ - a website that enables registration for classes available to students of all faculties.



Information about the Project




“Find your way at UAK” Project


The Project’s goal is to support the institutional capacity of the University of Agriculture in Krakow for supporting foreign students, doctoral students, and academic staff by improving the skills of the administration and service staff, the organizational preparation of the University to support students and staff from abroad, and developing activities related to "internationalisation" at home.

The programme is co-financed by the European Social Fund under the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development, a non-competitive project titled "Improving the academic staff’s skills and the institution’s potential for accepting people from abroad - Welcome to Poland" (Action: 3.3 Internationalization of Polish higher education), specified in the application for co-financing project No. POWR.03.03.00-00-PN14/18







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